You Would Not Be Aware Of These Facts About Love Bites. Read Only If You Are 18 Yr Plus!

If you can spot a love bite on someone’s shoulder, neck, hand, or anywhere, that means that that person spent a really good night. Some people try to hide them while on the other hand, some flaunt it like an achievement. But do you know that hickeys are injuries actually which tell us that some capillaries under your skin have worn off. They are not beauty spots but proper injuries.

Let us check some revelations about the alleged beauty mark-

1. They are contusions


That region of your skin is ruptured. Injured tissue or skin’s blood capillaries have been damaged. Remeber sometimes when we hit a door or a table hard our skin area gets blue or reddish in the shade, this is similar to hickeys.

2. Don’t boast about them they can become permanent


If your partner bites you hard, then it is possible that it can stay with for years. They can get serious. If you have a fair skin tone then, “Aapki to lag gayi”.

3. Animals are fond of love bites as well


Whaaat? Really?
Yes, they too have love sentiments in them. Male animals have often been seen biting the neck area of the female animals with their front teeth when they spend quality time together.

4. In 2011, a woman got paralysed


This got seriously very serious this time. A woman suffered a stroke from a hickey and in turn, her left arm paralysed. The hickey caused a blood clot near one of her main artery. Are you thinking of saying no to love bites?

5. Do you suffer from iron deficiency?


If you easily got that blue-red mark without much effort then dear your body lacks iron.

6. Love bites can help herpes bite you


Herpes is an STD which can lead to pain in your private parts. In this case, sweet love bites can cause you oral herpes. So protection in many ways is necessary when you spend time with your mate.

7. Love bites have no cure


A normal love bite stays up to ten to twelve days. For the sensations, you can put some ice, and at a whole, you can conceal it with a scarf or make-up, but it stays till it wants to.

8. Hickeys have a place in Kamasutra as well


In Kamasutra, hickeys have been termed as coral and the jewel. Coral means the lips and jewel mean teeth. Interesting na?

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