Virat & Anushka Will Need To Marry Again In India? Here’s The Reason

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli managed to create huge waves in the media in December last year with their much-anticipated wedding.

They had a plush wedding in Tuscany, Italy first and then followed it up with two grand receptions in Delhi & Mumbai.


The receptions were attended by many bigwigs and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi specially reached to bless the couple.

Soon after the Mumbai reception, the couple travelled to South Africa. After a short break there Virat Kohli got busy with the series in SA and Anushka came back home to shoot for her upcoming big film Zero opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

After all this it looked like Virat & Anushka will have a sigh of comfort and will be back to normal life but it seems like they will not do get married again. Now, you will ask why. Right?

Well, we all know Virat & Anushka got married to each other in Tuscany, Italy but they don’t posses the valid marriage certificates as per Indian laws.


To have that much-required certificate, they’ll need to remarry it seems.

Well, everything happens for good and we hope this re-marriage makes their bond even stronger.

What are your thoughts?

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