These are the 8 daily rituals that are harmful for women’s health in the long run

Most women have their own personal ritual for body treatment, such as the use of sunscreen, scrubbing the face, wearing a bra while sleeping or combing their hair with a special brush.

They believe that what they are doing is good for their body but it turns out that they’re only damaging it. Day after day these habits significantly harm their body.

This list contains 8 habits that you are likely to make use of and which may damage your beauty and health. Read this list even if you believe that you are doing everything right. In this article, we consider some harmful women’s rituals, which can further lead to negative health effects. You should reconsider these habits to avoid health complications in the future.

These are the 8 daily rituals that are harmful for women's health in the long run

1. Washing your intimate parts with soap

Soap destroys the natural pH balance of your vagina and makes it too dry. Your private parts have a mechanism of self-purification, so you should wash them with water only.

2. Rare washing bra

You are very lax when it comes to washing your bra, and this somehow doesn’t end up becoming a daily ritual. Experts believe that a bra should be washed at best after three uses. Prolonged use can make it smell and stretch the cup fabric, making them loose and ill-fitting very soon. Let your bra not lose their shape.

3. Wearing pads and tampons for more than 4 hours

It is very important to follow personal hygiene during your period. You should change your tampon or pad every 3 hours to prevent irritation and infections in your vagina.

4. Don’t wear black bras on summer

Use the floral-printed, colored and white bras for the summer season. The reason is with a black bra, it will make you feel hotter than a light-colored one.

5. Wearing your bra while sleeping

It is harmful to wear your bra while sleeping. It can damage the tissues in your thing. Besides, the hook of the bra strap can give you a bruise, or simply hurt you in sleep.

Wearing underwire bras, skin irritation, poor circulation and hyper-pigmentation are some of the results of wearing an underwire bra. Let your front breathe, don’t wear too tight, constricted bras.

6. Spraying chemical deodorants on your skin

Spraying deodorant on your skin, this is one of the worst practice and can cause cancer too. Use it over your clothes, even if the packing says it is safe for use on skin. Deodorants put you at a risk of cancer.

7. Not using a scarf when you are under the rays of the sun

Direct sun rays are very damaging to the health of your skin, they can even lead to skin cancer. That is why you should always cover the exposed areas of your skin with a scarf or use sunscreen.

8. Sleeping with makeup on

By not washing off your makeup, you leave dirt on your skin that clogs the pores and leads to inflammation. Sleeping with mascara on is also very harmful. This leads to eye irritation and redness.

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