Similar To Blue Whale Challenge, This Game Provokes People To RAPE!

Digital games are turning creepy day by day. The Blue Whale Challenge Game is already making the news all over the world. The Blue Whale Challenge has already cost 130 deaths all around the world. The most surprising thing about the game is that it is still being played by the gamers.

Youngsters are playing The Blue Whale Challenge nowadays, which incidentally provoke them to attempt suicide every passing stage. It is very hard to understand, but the reports suggest otherwise. Why these people are playing this deadly game, I am unable to understand.

A 17-year old girl from Jodhpur tried to commit suicide while playing this Blue Whale Challenge game. This is really turning out be very deadly and pathetic. According to Jodhpur Police, “She is a class x student, who told her parents that she was going to meet her friends and on Monday night she carved a whale on her arm and threw away her mobile phone before jumping into the lake,”

After telling so much about the Blue Whale Challenge, we are going to discuss another creepy game, which is similarly very dangerous. This new game is going to destroy many other lives. When the Blue Whale Challenge game turned players into “SUICIDERS”, this game is turning its players into “RAPISTS”. Keep on reading to know more about the game.



This game titled “RapeLay” is a 3D game, which was released in Japan on 21st April 2006. The game follows a male, who is the lead character of the game.


The game has a very weird storyline. The male lead of the game stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters in the game.

Consequences of the game

An animation company in Japan launched the game Rapelay. The organization banned the game, after looking into the incidents which took place upon its release. This creepy game was played by minors. The game made them sexually active. Due to this game, there was a certain rise in the incidents of sexual harassment.

Explicit Content

The game is full of explicit contents. At a certain stage, the player is ordered to virtually attempt rape on the female characters of the game. The game features a male lead and two other female characters.

In a certain scene, two random hands appear positioned inappropriately on the female. These two random hands are controlled by the mouse used by players.

Gamers can use these virtual hands to progress in the game. These hands are used to grope the private parts of the female character in the game.

This is very stupid and weird. How can anyone make games like this? They can do anything to earn big bucks. These types of games are just increasing the crime against women. Crime against women is already high, but these types of games are only going to behave like a catalyst.

In order to protect people from these weird games, please share the articles and create awareness. People should refrain from playing this type of games at any cost. It is not good for anyone.

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