Shraddha Kapoor celebrates Children’s Day at a Municipal School in Mumbai

It’s the gospel truth of Bollywood that Shraddha Kapoor is really fond of kids. Bearing a testament to that, she has once again proven her love for the little ones by showing up at a Mumbai government school, where she was seen chit-chatting, spending some quality time and even making some origami sculptures with the kids.

Since the kids were dressed for a fancy dress event, Shraddha spoke to them about the characters they are dressed as and absolutely loved their mimicry skills. Shraddha was seen indulging in her ever giggly laughter as these kids showcased their dressing sense and dialogue delivery skills to her.

Shraddha even met the teachers & the support staff and had a brief word with them about the school and the kids.

Shraddha has always been passionate about encouraging and supporting children and has an even softer corner for the less fortunate ones. She actively participates in charities that work towards the development of children.

Shraddha will also be attending this years’ International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad hosted by the I & B Ministry.

She is one actor we must say who is beautiful inside out. Shraddha Kapoor, who is known for her cuteness and a killer smile, is as adorable in real life as she is on screen!

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