Shilpa & Vikas Are Now ShiKas. Twitter Wants Them To Get Married

Bigg Boss 11 saw some sweet romance between Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma; the TRPs of the show drastically increased with their romantic moments.

Forget Puneesh-Bandgi; people felt there was another passionate couple in the house, Shilpa and Vikas. Yes, their relation faced lots of ups and downs right from the day they had come in the house.

In the initial 5 weeks of the show, they had fought like crazy. They left no stone unturned to pull each other’s legs and insult each other. However, with time, Shilpa and Vikas patched up and became ShiKas.

Misunderstandings got sorted and they started gelling up really well. We all started loving their Jodi. In the last task i.e. Vikas City, Shilpa and Vikas were feeding each other Basundi and they were looking damn cute.

Shilpa donned and orange saree and looked amazing. Twitter saw this adorable
relation and now, they want them to get married. Check out some tweets;

Get married ShiKas!

In love!

Shaadi kab karoge?

One more ShiKas!

Please kar lo..

The best journey…


Pati patni moment!

Do you think there will a positive end?

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