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Puppy Who Was “Different” Required Special Care, But Now She’s Living Life Like A Queen

This adorable dog, named Bear, was brought to Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles when she was just a tiny puppy.

As cute as she was, she was a little different from other pups. She was born with a cleft palate, which meant he’d require special care. But the staff at Best Friends was willing to give whatever it took to make sure Bear grew up healthy and strong.

At this point, Bear was unable to eat on her own. She stayed at their nursery and staff hand-fed Bear and gave her round-the-clock care until she was able to eat by herself.

Once she was able to leave the nursery, she went to live in a foster home, where every day was a new learning experience for her. She was growing so quickly and learning how to be a dog.

Her personality began to shine through and she started to break out of her shell. She is such a sweet, friendly and outgoing pup. Once she was healthy and strong enough, she went back to Best Friends to await adoption.

Luckily, on September 27, four-month-old Bear found her forever home! Her new family renamed her Trudie Blue and she has settled into her new home wonderfully. She loves playing and even has a new doggy sibling!

Trudie has recently gotten surgery to correct her cleft palate. Her cleft palate is an opening from her mouth into her nasal cavity that runs from her nose down into the back of her throat. Her human decided for her to get the surgery done to close it. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and she is now recovering!



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