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Police Save Injured Dog On Road – Her Friend Watched The Whole Time To Make Sure She Was Okay

Friendship is a powerful thing. True friendship can overcome great obstacles; it is seemingly limitless. This dog proved herself to be a true friend when her fellow canine was injured.

When the police in Saint Louis got a call about two dogs, they weren’t quite sure what to expect. Upon arriving at the scene, they saw that one dog was badly injured while another waited close by. They immediately tended to the first dog, who was lying on her side and unable to move. They named her Frann.

While Frann received the proper care, the other dog watched intently. She would not go more than a certain distance away from Frann. The police named this dog Fanny. Fanny stayed with Frann the entire time she received help.

The team moved Frann into their van to take her to the vet. They brought Fanny with them, since she refused to be left behind. Frann had suffered a lot, and she needed intensive medical care.

According to We Love Animals, “it was clear that Frann had suffered abuse as her body had signs of blunt trauma. Her x-ray scans soon confirmed the suspicions as her spine had indicated several fractures at those areas.”

Fanny kept her eyes locked on Frann even as she underwent surgery. She could not walk for two weeks due to her fractured spine, but she never lost hope. The vets worked with Frann in physical therapy sessions. Slowly, the dog was able to stand again – with help at first, then on her own. Gradually she recovered her strength until she was finally able to walk.

Fanny was a loyal friend to Frann throughout her entire journey. Even in her final days, the dog never stopped supporting her friend on her path to walking again. Yet sadly, this dog had her own medical ailments.

“Fanny was soon diagnosed with canine distemper as she never received any vaccinations and passed soon after Frann had begun to walk again,” We Love Animals explained. “Fanny had protected her despite being ill, Frann could not have asked for a better friend and companion!”

Fanny’s sacrifice was a noble one, and it was not in vain. Frann has now made a full recovery and found her forever home. She will get her happily-ever-after, all because of the support of her friend.

The touching story of these two dogs demonstrates the immense value of true friendship. We could all learn a lesson from these loving pups.

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