PM Modi Caught Daydreaming At The BRICS Summit & Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Reactions

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is always in news and his presence never gets unnoticed even if he is absolutely silent. The opposition parties look for a moment when they can criticise him or shout about any mistake that he has made; however, PM Modi is a tough nut to crack and knows how to handle the opposition. He is also known for his love for the camera, as people say that Narendra Modi knows where the camera is and likes to pose for photographs.

Just recently, PM Modi visited China to attend the BRICS summit where many world leaders were also present. A photo of PM Modi was clicked by the media, which shows him lost in thoughts and looking upwards.


Internet was sure that this is the moment when PM Modi was day-dreaming and Twitter made the most of this golden opportunity when it got flooded with memes and jokes. However, there were some who felt that PM Modi must be thinking about some important issue but Twitterati are not interested in serious matters.

We have brought some tweets which give a humourous touch to PM Modi’s photo:

How to cover 146 countries in 2 years?

Side-effects of traveling via flights:

So this is where he’s looking at!

A jibe at Notebandi:

When your friends book the first row ticket:

Who could be that person?

When your girl says:

Friday Vs Monday:

Friend’s reaction when you ask him to return your money:

That girl..

What is your reaction on this million-dollar pic of PM Modi?

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