Meet The Lucky Boy Who Got Priya’s Wink. He Looks Dashing In Real Life

Priya Prakash Varrier’s one wink was enough to melt our hearts. Since then, many memes and jokes got circulated on social media.

Singles are definitely going to have a great time this V-Day; yea, even if they have no partner, they can watch her video all day long and be happy.

Forget Priya, don’t you want to know who that boy along with her was? The way he blushed on her wink was too cute. He gave beautiful reactions to Priya’s expressions; the combo looked deadly.

In the video he looked like an innocent school boy, but in reality, he’s a fun-loving person. Let us introduce you to Roshan Abdul Rahoof; his Insta handle says “YOLO” which means You Only Live Once.

His Instagram is filled with dashing pictures and Photoshoots. After seeing his profile, you will feel as if the one in the video and the one on Instagram are 2 different persons.

Have a look at the pictures;









So guys don’t you think he looks totally different in video and in real life?

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