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Kerala Man’s ‘Baahubali’ Stunt With Elephant Goes Horribly Wrong

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Viral video shows an elephant angrily fling a man up in the air after he got too close to it in Kerala

Shocking footage, captured on a mobile phone, shows the exact moment an elephant sent a man flying after he got too close for comfort. The man was apparently drunk and trying to pull a stunt similar to one performed by actor Prabhas in the blockbuster hit Baahubali. He has since been hospitalised. The footage, recorded by a friend, was being beamed live on Facebook. Though it was quickly taken down from Facebook, the video has gone viral on social media.

Shot on Sunday in Idduki district’s Thodupuzha, the video shows a man wearing a white shirt and a lungi walking perilously close to the elephant. At first, it seems like he is trying to befriend the elephant by feeding it bananas, which it happily accepts.

Then the man suddenly grabs the jumbo’s tusks and tries to “kiss” its trunk. 

That’s when his friend, who is filming, says in a panicked voice: “Don’t go near the elephant. Don’t go! Don’t go! You’re drunk. The elephant will go mad.” 

Ignoring his friend’s warnings, the man manages to give the elephant a quick peck. But as he leans in for a second time, the elephant angrily flings him in the air. The man lands on his head with his body twisted over. It makes for a truly disturbing sight.

Stunned, his friend runs over to check on him shouting, “Is he dead? No, no, he’s alive.” The live broadcast ends abruptly.

The man was reportedly knocked unconscious and was immediately rushed to hospital.

In SS Rajamouli’s film Baahubali, actor Prabhas is seen on top of an elephant after climbing up its trunk. Needless to try, the stunts in any movie should not be tried at home or anywhere else. 

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