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Kamini Jaiswal, Prashant Bhushan Reprimanded By Supreme Court

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Supreme Court said there’s no need for it to order a team to probe bribery allegations against judges

New Delhi: 
The Supreme Court today said that the CBI’s inquiry into alleged bribe-taking by judges is sufficient and there is no need for it to order a team to investigate the matter. Three judges today who heard the case said that the petition that sought a Special Investigation Team or SIT to study alleged judicial corruption made allegations against judges that were not based in fact. “The petition is derogatory, contemptuous but we won’t initiate contempt,” the judges said. “By filing this petition, damage has been done and doubts have been raised unnecessarily on the integrity of this great institution.”

The petition was filed by lawyer Kamini Jaiswal. Arguing on her behalf, Prashant Bhushan said that the CBI could not be counted on for a fair inquiry because it is susceptible to pressure from the government and other authorities.

Mr Bhushan drew strong reproach from the court yesterday for linking the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, to the CBI’s inquiry.

The CBI has filed an FIR or case in which it says a former judge of the Orissa High Court was part of a plan to help a medical college cancel its blacklisting by the government. He allegedly promised a favourable verdict in the Supreme Court by offering bribes to senior judges.

Mr Bhushan on Friday said the Chief Justice is named in the FIR; the Chief Justice accused him of “wild allegations”. NDTV has seen the FIR and it does not mention the Chief Justice.

“The FIR is not against any Judge and it is contemptuous to level allegations without verifying facts,” said the Supreme Court today, adding “we hope and expect better sense will prevail and we work for the institution.”

Some lawyers had said that because the Chief Justice has dealt with the medical college’s appeal against its blacklisting, he should maintain a distance from the CBI’s investigation. “Allegations shouldn’t have been made against the Chief Justice of India as there is nothing (against him) in the FIR (or CBI’s complaint),” the court said yesterday.



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