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Indian Stand Over Jerusalem Shows ‘Servility’, Says CPI(M)

CPM said it strongly condemned Donald Trump’s decision to move American embassy to Jerusalem.

New Delhi:  The Indian government’s refusal to denounce the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “shows the extent of servility of the Modi regime” to Washington, the CPI(M) said on Thursday.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist said it strongly condemned the decision of US President Donald Trump, who has said the American embassy will shift to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

“This action goes against the UN’s and the international community’s stand that East Jerusalem is an occupied territory by Israel since 1967. An independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital is the internationally accepted position,” a CPI-M statement said.

“The US has taken the formal step of legalizing the illegal occupation of Palestine territories by Israel. No other country in the world has given recognition to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

The CPI-M said that unlike the worldwide opposition to this move, the Indian External Affairs Ministry “has scrupulously refused to criticize the US decision. This shows the extent of servility of the Modi regime to the US”.

The CPI-M asked the Modi government to come out strongly against the US action “as it goes against India’s longstanding commitment to the Palestinian cause”.



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