Incredible Test: We Will Guess the Card You Picked!

Today we have prepared a magic trick!

In order to participate, you need to choose a card from the six given below and remember it.


If you are having trouble remembering it write it down on a piece of paper.

We will guess which card you picked!

Now, look at the cards below. Do you see your card anywhere? Cool, huh?


Actually, this is weird. But how does it work?

Well, this trick is based on statistics and probability. Most people tend to focus on their card so much that they don’t even notice that the cards below are completely different from the cards given above except their chosen one.

So the trick is that no one notices that the cards are a different deck.

We hope you liked this amazing trick, share it with your friends and family and reveal to them your “magic skills”, we are sure they’ll be amazed!

Source: Qatar Day

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