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Hey Priyanka Chopra, You Have 2 Lakh Unread Mails. But It’s OK, Says Twitter

The photo shared by Priyanka Chopra’s co-star (courtesy alanpowell10)

New Delhi: 
If a fan ever mailed Priyanka Chopra and is wondering if the actress ever got the message, then umm, well, we are not sure if she did. It is known that Priyanka Chopra has a crazy work schedule, a very busy roster and shuttles between India and New York throughout the year but a glimpse of her massive fan following is what we are going to share now. The actress and her phone features in an Instagram post by her Quantico co-star Alan Powell, in which it’s visible that her phone has some over 2 lakhs of unread e-mails. 2,57,623 to be precise. Yes, you read that correct. So, the point is if one has to reach Priyanka, you have to do more than just shoot a mail.

“Guys … guys … don’t ever email Priyanka Chopra … she apparently NEVER reads it! This is the record … I defy anyone to beat it. #unbelievable #ithoughtiwasbad #commaplacementconfusesme,” captioned Alan.

This was Priyanka’s reaction:

The post is as interesting as the comments below it. “I’m pretty sure she’s lost many job, many future opportunities for not reading them,” pointed out a follower but the thing is, Priyanka is at the top of her game right now and is one of the most sought after stars. She also has quite a bit of repute in the West – she’s the face of popular TV series Quantico and played the villain in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s beach drama Baywatch. Priyanka has two more Hollywood movies in the pipeline – Isn’t It Romantic with Liam Hemsworth and A Kid Like Jake with Jim Parsons.

Don’t worry, Priyanka Chopra, Twitter understands and has come up with alternative routes to reach the actress. Just tweet to her, say netizens.





Priyanka’s recently been voted the Sexiest Asian Woman – this was her fifth year on the top spot and been listed by Forbes on the List Of 100 Most Powerful Women – she took the 15th spot on the list of Most Powerful Women In Entertainment And Media.



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