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From Opposing 49% FDI To Implementing 100% FDI, BJP’s Biggest U-Turn

Narendra Modi-led BJP Government decided to permit 100% FDI through the automatic route in single brand retail. Back in 2012 when Congress had decided to permit only 49% FDI through automatic route, BJP had opposed it strongly saying that the government is selling the country and their decision will destroy the trader community of our nation.


Arun Jaitley was even ready to die to stop the Implementation of FDI. Their decision to allow 100% FDI today has left them all exposed. From Congress to the Traders’ Union everyone has came out hitting hard on BJP. After Aadhar and GST, this is the third major instance when BJP has fallen short on its own words. Twitter is all abuzz with people digging out all of BJP’s old tweets and questioning their latest U-turn. From Arun Jaitley’s promises to fight against FDI to Narendra Modi accusing Congress of selling the nation, here is how BJP stand exposed by their own selves.

They burned posters, they took out rallies, they did everything they could to make sure congress doesn’t approve FDI

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Save India!

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Sushma Swaraj had aptly explained what the entrance of FDI means! But, back in 2012!

Here is a few snippet of Arun Jaitley’s vow to fight against 49% FDI back in 2012!

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And this is what Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had to say

Congress has ensured that they bring BJP’s doubletalk to notice of everyone. Their twitter handle is full of BJP’s old tweets. They’re now questioning everything that the BJP once questioned them and just like Congress, BJP too has nothing to answer.

Here are a few of Congress’ tweets targetting BJP and its doubletalk!

INC West Bengal

INC Telangana

Aam Aadmi Party too questioned Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to explain BJP’s FDI move

Arvind Kejriwal had predicted this even before Narendra Modi took oath


Not just this, Twitter was full of trends thrashing Narendra Modi and his government. Users thrashed the BJP government with Hashtags like #ModiUTurnOnFDI and #BjpFDIflipflop. Here are a few of the top tweets.

To the point!

True that!

Will we get any answer?

CM Modi vs PM Modi

It is indeed time to wake up

This is not for the first time that BJP has took a U-turn. CM Narendra Modi has been opposing PM Narendra Modi since 2014. Also, the supporters of BJP who are saying why is congress opposing FDI should realise they are only asking why BJP opposed it when Congress was implementing it.

We just hope that people who still believe that BJP is striving for country’s development realise that it is not true. What are your thoughts on BJP’s latest U-turn?

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