Five massive movie roles Pfeiffer turned down

MICHELLE Pfeiffer has revealed which huge movie roles she’s turned down during her successful career.

In an interview with the US Today show, Pfeiffer admitted she’s “a little bit picky” when it comes to choosing which movies to do.

“My agent’s nickname for me is ‘Dr. No’,” she said.

The interviewer then read out a list of famous films and asked Pfeiffer to confirm which ones she passed on.

Pretty Woman? Yes,” she said.

Thelma and Louise? Yes. Silence of the Lambs? Yes. Casino? Yes. Basic Instinct? Yes.”

Asked which one she most regrets turning down, Pfeiffer joked, “All of them!”

Now 59, Pfeiffer got her first big break when she played Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2.

Michelle Pfeiffer in a scene from the movie Grease 2. Supplied

The movie bombed but it did put Pfeiffer on the radar of director Brian De Palma who asked her to audition for his upcoming film Scarface starring Al Pacino.

“He [Pacino] didn’t particularly want me for the part,” Pfeiffer told talk show host Jimmy Fallon earlier this year. “My last credit before that was Grease 2, can you blame him?”

Pfeiffer auditioned several times over a three-month period to play Pacino’s love interest in the film.

“I was terrified and I was really young and I knew he didn’t want me,” she said. “As it went on, the worse I got because I got so afraid.”

Eventually she was let go, only to get a surprise call back a month later for a screen test.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino in a scene from Scarface.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino in a scene from Scarface. Supplied

Convinced she had already blown her chance, Pfeiffer said she wasn’t at all afraid during the screen test.

“We did the restaurant scene … where I kind of freak out,” she recalled.

“I threw dishes and everything went flying and I broke things. There was blood everywhere!”

Assistants rushed to her aide but couldn’t find any cuts on Pfeiffer’s body.

“I look over and Al [Pacino] is bleeding,” she said, “and that’s how I got the part!”

Michelle Pfeiffer in a scene from the movie Murder on the Orient Express.

Michelle Pfeiffer in a scene from the movie Murder on the Orient Express. NICOLA DOVE


Pfeiffer’s latest film is Murder on the Orient Express which is in cinemas now, but don’t expect to bump into her at a screening.

“I don’t look at my work after I’ve done it,” she told Today.

“I would never go back and look at it in a million years … I’m very critical, so what’s the point?’



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