Ed Sheeran SCAM: 200 Fans Scammed With FAKE TICKETS Worth 10k Each!

‘Shape of You’ singer Ed Sheeran was in India for his big concert. His fans were waiting for this big occasion for a very long time and they were looking to get the ticket of the concert at any cost. This means that several of his fans were able to grab the ticket of the concert form the official booking partner BookMyShow, but most of them were not that lucky and couldn’t get the ticket.

Some of the fans, who were unable to grab the tickets through the official portal, they went to third-party vendors for the same. These fans contacted third-party vendors or individuals, who were selling tickets of Ed Sheeran’s concert on social media. Some of these fans were able to get the legitimate tickets of the concert, but few of them get robbed.

10,000 fans of superstar singer went into the Jio Gardens, BKC, Mumbai to watch their favorite singer perform lives. They were able to enjoy the concert. However, the big shocker came for about 200 fans, who were not allowed into the concert due to their fake tickets. These 200 Sheerios (term used for Ed Sheeran fans) spend Rs. 10K each for the ticket, but still couldn’t watch their favorite singer live.

These 200 fans came from various parts of the country. All of them were not local Mumbaikar, they had come from Bengaluru and some other cities.

Leading news portal Republic World did an exclusive report on the big scam. According to the report, these people bought their tickets from a third party vendor named Grapevine months ago. They contacted a person named Vishnu Poddar for the tickets, who has now disappeared with the money.

These fans paid Rs. 8000 and more for each ticket. They received e-tickets, which was supposed to be exchanged for physical tickets a day before or on the day of the big concert. One of the fans revealed that they were in contact with Vishnu and one more person named Vidhan Jain, but now both of them are absconding.

“We’ve been following up with them for past one week. Yesterday, we were not able to reach them on phone”

After waiting at the concert venue for several hours, these frustrated fans contacted BookMyShow. That’s when they realized the scam.

According to the officials of BookMyShow, the booking ID of the e-tickets have been presented to them 8 to 10 times. That’s the time these fans realized they have been duped. All the efforts made by these fans were all in vain.

“We came all the way from Bangalore with our kids. Five people came all the way only to attend the concert. We paid Rs. 35,000.”

One of the duped fans claimed that she had met Vishnu on the day of the concert, who is now absconding. She has saved the link to his Facebook profile. She also captured the picture of his car.

“He said, ‘Ma’am don’t worry. By 3 PM you’ll get your tickets. I dropped off my kids and came back at 3 PM. He was still there and he said ‘I am just getting inside and getting your tickets and coming’. By around 3:30 – 4 PM, he disappeared”

According to the latest report, these duped fans are planning to file a police complaint against the two individuals Vishnu and Vidhan. Until the time of writing, no FIR has been filed.

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