DNA Tweeted, Who’s That Girl With Pandya? He Gave Them The Best Response Ever

Few days ago, Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya shared a pic of himself with a girl on his Instagram account. This naturally caught attention of media persons and Pandya’s fans and everyone was curious to know who the mystery girl with Pandya in the pic is.

Here’s the photo:


The photo went viral and some users even started calling her ‘Bhabhi’ in comments.

DNA also took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and shared this pic with caption, “‘Who’s that girl?’ Hardik Pandya’s picture with this mystery lady is going viral”

Before this could create more mess, Hardik Pandya himself replied and trolled DNA in an epic way! He tweeted, “Mystery solved! That’s my sister”

Now that’s a sixer!

Twitter loved Pandya’s style of slamming journalism! Check out few selected reactions:

Aussie bowlers’ treatment:

Waat lag gayi..

Trolled DNA mercilessly:

Word play:

Soch badlo, desh badlega:

Moral of the story:

Aditya said, Pandya did:


Much needed:

Full movie:

That was definitely the most amazing response to the tweet and we must say that Pandya just won the Internet!

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