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Delhi Habit(s): The Desolation By SMOG

Residing in Delhi has lately drawn comparison to the adage of ‘cutting the same branch one sits on’. And, there is plenty of evidence to support any claims to this parallel drawn. The capital city has had the misfortune of witnessing its busy highways and streets submerge in dense smog which seems to have taken a shine to Delhi and settled in the city for over a week now.

Wake Up Delhi :Since the first week of November, 2017, residents of Delhi have been experiencing acute chest constriction and irritation in their eyes as they went about their daily business. Asthma and allergy to smoke and dust had also inflamed severely in residents.

Soon, Delhi woke up to the rude awakening, of a thick haze, that billowed through the streets with depressing speed. It quickly engulfed traffic visibility and deemed the streets hazardous for prolonged travel.

How Bad Is It, Doctor ?

The AAP government has been criticized for its nonchalance in the matter, however to no avail. The measures taken by the government have fallen short of securing any significant relief. Make no mistake, the government has been proactive, but it lacked foresight. Even though they caught-on early to the chagrin that would be coming Delhi’s way by end-October, they were either slow, or lacked conviction.

For instance, the government is currently engaged in a blame-game with the NGT in the court. The Odd-Even rule was to go into action by now, for the third time, with lesser exemptions than before. However, the government decided against applying the rule because taking the same exemptions into account, apparently also affected day-to-day business.

The NGT was quick to point out that numerous other counter-measures suggested by them had also been ignored, so this trick was not new to them. The Odd-Even Rule plan stood on-hold as of now, because apparently it served to only inconvenience and hassle the citizens.

The Crop-Burning Practice Added Fuel to the Fire

The heavily accused crop-burning practice has been named in the court a long time ago, but the government did not fully condemn it. The environment minister did not cull misgivings even a bit when he proposed the no-brainer that Delhi seems to be improving in the last 48 hours and pollution even though harmful, is NOT a killer. Let this sink in, while you wait for the rains which are yet to come and are supposedly responsible for the groundwork in dispersing the smog.

Something in the Air Tonight

The bone of contention behind the predicament that Delhi finds itself in, can be actually branched out to several reasons, as follows:

  • The end of October saw itself giving in to the Diwali celebration like there’s no tomorrow. And indeed, there was no tomorrow in sight because the smoke refused to part with Delhi’s horizon. This rendered traffic visibility difficult and made the environment unhealthy to be in, in general.
  • Punjab, Haryana and UP are known to generate power by burning raw materials such as paddy stubble and the likes. This does the air around Delhi no favours, as the winds carry the smoke down to hover over the city.
  • The Hydro-Electric Power plants and the factories that litter the countryside beyond Delhi-NCR have been voluntarily contributing to air pollution for decades now.
  • The weather has not been kind to Delhi either. The paradoxical relationship between the trapped particulate matter and the winds that carried it, created a pressure system where the wind-speed died down leading to the particulate matter saturating the air that hung above Delhi.

Delhi, you don’t have time to waste now! Act fast before the capital city is lost forever….

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