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Delhi Girl, 4, “Didn’t Change A Word” As She Told Judge, Cops About Sex Assault

Delhi girl, 4, who was assaulted by classmate repeated whole incident before the police, judge

New Delhi: A four-year-old girl who told her parents that she was assaulted by her classmate in a Delhi school repeated her whole story before the police and a city judge “without changing her words or sequence”, her mother has told NDTV.

The little girl, a student of the private Maxfort School, was in pain and wounded when she returned home on Friday. The next day, her parents were horrified to hear her say that a boy in her class – barely five – had used his finger and a sharpened pencil and violated her in the classroom and in a toilet.

“The boy had just finished eating his food, he had not washed his hands and then touched her private parts. In the washroom, there was no Didi who could help her; in the classroom, her class teacher was not around, and here child says he sharpened his pencil and put it in too,” the mother told NDTV.

The child cried at night and then told her mother what had happened. “She cried a lot and went on the look for an ointment that I usually apply when they are hurt, Arnica. When I opened her bloomers and saw the injury, I was shocked. The signs of assault were visible as her private part was red and swollen, and when I applied ointment to it, she started crying all the more in pain,” the mother said.

On Monday, the girl went to the school with her mother and the police and showed them the spots where she alleges she was assaulted.  

“My daughter showed the scene of crime, pointed that there was no teacher around in the classroom and took the policemen to how it happened,” the mother shared in a letter to NDTV.

“She went on to narrate the same before the Metropolitan Magistrate, without changing her words or sequence of events. It showed how much the incident has affected her psyche or rather is seeped in her mind.”

Her account, however, was disputed by the school, which said it was “impossible” that this incident can take place. The girl’s parents say the school’s negligence and lack of care stands out alarmingly in the case.

“I paid a bomb as school fee, handed then my child hoping that she is safe in school, what is considered a second home, in the custody of her second mother, teacher, only to be let down,” wrote the mother.

She demanded that the boy be expelled.

But three days after the assault on Friday, the school told the parents it was safe for them to send their daughter again as the boy’s section had been changed.

The police have filed a case against the five-year-old boy but are consulting experts as a child below seven cannot legally be held responsible for any crime.



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