Congress Made A Big Mistake But Twitter Trolled Rahul Gandhi. Prejudice Much?

The Congress party is trying hard to regain its position in the Indian political scenario and it becomes more important for them to always present themselves in a dignified manner. However just recently, the official Twitter handle of Congress committed a blunder and instead of seriously apologising for their mistake, they made a joke of the whole incident.

September 27 is the death anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and the Twitter handle of Congress paid tribute to the great personality. But they wrote Sept 27, 1833, in place of his birth date while his birth date May 22, 1772, was written in place of his death date.

Congress tweeted this, “We pay tribute to Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Father of the Bengal Renaissance and champion of women’s rights, on his death anniversary.”


However, when they realised that they made a mistake, instead of apologising in a genuine manner, they reacted in a very casual manner and wrote, “You may have noticed an error in the date of previous creative. We apologise! Like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, our designer is ahead of his time :)”

Congress also corrected its previous tweet in the meantime.

It was too much for Twitterati and they vent out their anger on the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi as if he is the one who is personally handling this Twitter account.


Many people assume that whatever is happening wrong with Congress, Rahul Gandhi is behind it and Twitter got brutal while trolling him. Here are some selected tweets:

Suitboot Ki Sarkaar:

Your designers are like Pappu:

Only RaGa can do it:

It’s not ahead of time. Have some sense:

Epic insult:

Woke up in the morning at night:

Pappu got sacked?

What do you have to say about this mistake of Congress?

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