Chunky Panday reacts to Farah Khan’s ‘DNA joke’

Actor Chunky Panday’s 18-year-old daughter, Ananya, is all set to mark her debut in Karan Johar’s ‘Student Of The Year 2”. The gorgeous youngster has been the cynosure of all eyes for getting selected at the Le Bal Des Debutantes this year, an annual international fashion event that brings together daughters of the rich and famous from various countries.

Proud mother Bhavana Panday shared her photo and choreographer turned director Farah Khan commented, ‘Do a DNA test please. She’s too lovely to be Chunky’s child’. While many took Farah’s comment as a joke with a pinch of salt, it didn’t go down well with some, who slammed her.

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Well, finally Chunky Pandey has reacted to Farah’s comment and said, “Farah is a darling friend and I know what she meant. She actually called Ananya beautiful. So I take that as a compliment. Also, Farah, Sajid [Khan] and I have a dark sense of humour, so we often crack such jokes about each other.”

He further revealed, “Farah used to openly crush on me when we were young. And I always joke that crush got crushed. In fact, both my parents were doctors but I was a duffer. So when I was young, I also got my DNA test done.”

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