Chetan Bhagat Asked People ‘Did They Saw Taj?’ Twitter Trolled Him Left & Right For Poor Grammar

Chetan Bhagat is quite popular as a novelist, especially after several Bollywood movies have been made on the stories of his novels, such as “3 Idiots”, “2 States”, “Half Girlfriend”, etc.


But at the same time, it’s also equally true that he is more often trolled on social media, particularly on the micro-blogging site Twitter, rather than being praised for his work. He also became an object of mockery when he appeared as a judge on a dance reality show. Ever since, he’s trolled on a regular basis for something or the other.

Recently, Chetan took to Twitter and started a poll with caption, “Did you ever, as an Indian, saw the Taj as a ‘Muslim’ monument (as @washingtonpost is saying it’s being neglected because it is Muslim)”

If you have little understanding of English grammar, unlike Chetan, you must have identified the mistake in his tweet. Yes, you got it right! Chetan wrote ‘did saw’ while the correct grammar would be ‘did see’.

Here’s his tweet:

A number of Twitter users noticed this error in Chetan’s tweet and consequently, he was trolled left and right! Check out few selected tweets:

Word play:

Bad grammar:


A jibe at his novel:


Epic insult:

Do you, Chetan?

When Chetan says that his English is good:

What a popat!

Shortly, he made another tweet, clarifying that he didn’t make a mistake but his phone did. He wrote, “Yes I apologise for the phone autocorrect typo. Though I think everyone did get the point.”

We hope that Chetan Bhagat will be more careful while posting tweets now!

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