Bhajji Had A Dinner Out & Was Upset With GST In Bill. He Tweeted Against GST & Fans Supported Him

Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh may be out of the team but keeping him out of the news is certainly very difficult. He is known to have a good sense of humour and equally good sense of anger, which has sometimes posed problems for him on the field.

This time, the Indian off-spinner has bowled a doosra to the Indian government and it seems that he has bowled them out. Bhajji went out for a dinner but the GST added to the bill probably made him a little upset.


From July 1, 2017, the government of India has imposed a single tax known as GST (Goods & Services Tax) which is little higher in comparison to the earlier taxes and it definitely pinches when someone has to pay the bill after eating out.

Harbhajan took to Twitter to take a jibe at the present central government and making fun of GST, he tweeted, “While making payment of bill after dinner in restaurant, it feels like state govt & central govt both had a dinner with us…”

Bhajji’s tweet went viral with more than 13K retweets and 33K likes. It was quite natural for Twitterati to react over the matter and here are few selected tweets:



Actually “Vikas” was eating with you 😀


Separate invitation cards:


Some people trolled Bhajji for this tweet as well:

When you get reward from state and central both?

Kuch bhi..

Solid insult:

What do you have to say about this tweet of Bhajji? Let us know your views!

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